Key Points

  • Global temperature has been rising since the Industrial Revolution.
  • The increased amount of Greenhouse gases blankets the Earth which traps the sun’s heat, increasing our planet’s temperature.
  • The main effects of rising global temperatures include severe weather, loss of animals, and increased health risks. 
  • The important initiatives for action against rising temperatures include net zero and carbon offsetting projects.

How Global Temperatures Are Rising?

Global Temperatures have been rising but why is it? Normally, the heat that we get from the sun’s radiation increases our temperature but these rays and heat are important for many processes of our planet. Every ecosystem works at a set temperature which is important for its healthy sustenance. Any drastic changes in these temperatures can result in a catastrophe for all the species involved. 

global temperatures

The Industrial Revolution spans from around 1760 to 1840 and the Earth’s temperature has risen drastically since this revolution. This was a turning time in human history because this revolution led to the adaptation of more machine-focused manufacturing processes. More machines mean more fuel is needed to run them. Burning of fuel produces gases like carbon dioxide, nitric oxide, and many more as a by-product. 

Normally, nature is fully equipped to remove such gases from the environment but when the amount of such gases becomes more than the nature can handle, they become a problem. The increased amount of such gases blankets the Earth which traps the sun’s heat, thus increasing our planet’s temperature. This blanketing effect mirrors that of a Greenhouse effect thus the name Greenhouse Gases was given to these by-products. 

Effects of Rising Temperatures 

Following are a few of the most apparent effects of rising temperatures in the world today:

Severe Weathers

An increase in temperatures causes severe weather around the globe. Storms, tornados, floods, and droughts become more common and catastrophic. These natural disasters cannot be averted in most cases. They cause population displacements, deaths, and destruction of property and cattle. Because of the perfect weather, the lands that once grew vegetables and fruits refuse to grow anything. All because of global warming

Loss of Animal and Plant Species

Animal and plant species are lost due to a broken ecosystem. The natural ecosystem is intricate and depends on the accuracy and timely working of many elements. If even one of the elements is disturbed or disrupted for a longer time, there are bound to be cracks in the system. Today, 44,000 animal and plant species are endangered worldwide. 

Increased Health Risks 

Global warming has a very big effect on our day-to-day lives and, consequently, our health. Changing temperatures are giving germs and pathogens new and better places to grow and expand, bad air quality is a source of various lung diseases, 

Initiatives for Action

Following are the initiatives for action against rising temperatures:

Net Zero Emissions

Net Zero is a state where the amount of greenhouse gasses produced by human activities equals the amount of these gases removed so a global balance is achieved over time. This balance is sometimes only called Net Zero or Climate Neutrality and can refer to all greenhouse gases or carbon dioxide emissions. Countries worldwide have pledged net zero emissions by the year 2050. The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were also adapted to help the world lower its impact on the rising temperatures.  

Clima: Future Impact Now

In Australia, Clima is a climate solutions platform that facilitates businesses’ journeys towards environmental sustainability. We offer independent services, including carbon measurement, offset solutions, and client engagement tools. Our solutions help businesses effectively track and communicate their environmental efforts to engage customers and gain data insights. 

We are a reliable source for businesses wanting to buy carbon credits and participate in good carbon projects in Australia and internationally. Our commitment is to drive real progress in reducing carbon emissions in the corporate sector. Clima operates based on core values that guide every initiative we undertake. These values are:

  • Integrity: We ground our operations in integrity. We maintain transparency, accountability, and reliability in our products, projects, and relationships, fostering a trustworthy partnership with our business clients.
  • Innovation: Clima fosters an environment that encourages creativity and ingenuity. We continuously seek novel solutions to climate change from a business perspective.
  • Care: We approach our work with empathy and a strong sense of stewardship for the planet. We value our global community and want to impact the business world positively.

We encourage businesses to take bold and decisive steps to drive climate action and have a proactive mindset. We seek opportunities to create meaningful change and inspire other businesses to join us.


What Are the Main Effects of Rising Global Temperatures?

The main effects of rising global temperatures include rising sea levels because of the loss of ice and melting glaciers, loss and migration of animals from their native habitat, and severe changes in the weather. These effects are thought to get even more severe and worse if global temperatures keep rising. The only way these effects can be minimized is by working towards decreasing carbon emissions.

Can Businesses Do Anything To Lower Rising Global Temperatures?

Businesses can start by measuring their carbon emissions and then choosing carbon offset schemes and projects to help lower the rising global temperatures. Clima is a climate solutions platform that facilitates businesses’ journeys towards environmental sustainability. Their solutions help businesses effectively track and communicate their environmental efforts to engage customers and gain data insights. 


In conclusion, the rising global temperatures will keep rising until we take steps towards decreasing them. One way to comply with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that can help us reach net zero emissions by the year 2050 secondly, for businesses, it is critical to measure and then offset their carbon emissions. Clima is a climate solutions platform that can definitely help businesses achieve their sustainability goals. 

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