Important questions businesses should be asking offset providers when considering a carbon offset solution

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Who is Clima?

Clima is a climate solutions platform, dedicated to facilitating businesses in their journey towards environmental sustainability. We offer a range of independent services including carbon measurement, offset solutions, and client engagement tools.

Our solutions help businesses effectively track and communicate their environmental efforts to engage customers and gain data insights. We are a reliable source for businesses wanting to buy carbon credits and participate in good carbon projects in Australia and internationally. Our commitment is to drive real progress in reducing carbon emissions in the corporate sector.

Why work with us?

Choosing to work with Clima means aligning your business with a partner that stands for integrity and innovation. We are transparent, accountable, and reliable in all our products, projects, and actions. Our innovative approach encourages creativity and ingenuity, continuously exploring new solutions to help businesses combat climate change effectively.

When you work with us, you are choosing a proactive partner. We commit to achieving measurable and positive results in your businesses sustainability journey

What are Clima's values?

Clima operates based on a set of core values that guide every initiative we undertake. These values are:

  1. Our goal is to make a meaningful impact in the business world. We strive to achieve measurable and positive results by helping business reduce and offset carbon emissions.
  2. Integrity: We ground our operations in integrity. We maintain transparency, accountability, and reliability in our products, projects, and relationships, fostering a trustworthy partnership with our business clients.
  3. Innovation: At Clima, we foster an environment that encourages creativity and ingenuity. We are continuously on the lookout for novel solutions to address climate change from a business perspective.
  4. Care: We approach our work with empathy and a strong sense of stewardship for the planet. We value our global community and want to make a positive impact in the business world.
  5. We encourage businesses to take bold and decisive steps to drive climate action and have a proactive mindset. We actively seek opportunities to create meaningful change and inspire other businesses to join us.

What is Clima's process?

Clima designed its process to be business-friendly and efficient. We help companies measure their carbon footprint and choose carbon offset projects to reduce their environmental impact. Our client engagement tools, help businesses communicate their environmental efforts effectively. We keep businesses informed and satisfied by staying engaged and transparent throughout the journey.

How Can Clima Assist in Making My Business Climate-Active Ready?

Clima offers services that prepare your business to be climate-active ready. We help you implement strategies that align with climate-active certifications by addressing all emissions (scope 1, 2, and 3). Chat with our experts to kick-start your climate journey with Clima.

What is a Carbon offset?

A carbon offset reduces greenhouse gas emissions and compensates for emissions produced elsewhere. Carbon offsetting involves investing in projects that reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions, helping to balance out your own carbon footprint. These projects can vary greatly, ranging from renewable energy initiatives to reforestation efforts, and are essential in promoting environmental sustainability.

How can you determine the quality of a carbon offset?

Determining the quality of a carbon offset in Australia and internationally involves assessing the credibility of the offset project and the standards it adheres to. High-quality international offsets are certified by recognized organizations such as Certified offsets are approved by organizations like Clean Energy Regulator (CER), Verra or the Gold Standard, ensuring projects meet strict criteria for effectiveness and transparency.

How Can I Buy Carbon Offsets Through Clima?

At Clima, we offer a seamless process to buy carbon offsets that contribute to environmental conservation. Our platform links you to carbon offset projects, so you can invest in initiatives that match your sustainability goals. We offer a broad range of project methodologies, from avoidance to removal. Our team can create a personalized offset package for you, whether you have a budget or specific goals.

We create portfolios that align with your brand's beliefs and goals. Our aim is to ensure that every dollar spent not only reduces carbon but also reflects your values.

Why are carbon offsets priced differently, especially when considering ACCUs and VCUs?

Carbon offsets can cost different amounts depending on the project type, location, and standards followed. ACCUs and VCUs are different types of carbon credits traded in different markets, which can affect their prices. Work with Clima to ensure you are investing in high-quality offsets.

What does a high-quality carbon offset project look like according to Gold Standard and Verra guidelines?

A good carbon offset project proves, clarifies, and aids in achieving at least one UN Sustainable Development Goal. These projects must have a clear methodology for calculating emissions reductions and we should regularly monitor them to ensure their effectiveness. They often contribute to broader environmental and social benefits, such as biodiversity conservation and community development.

What Types of Carbon Offset Projects Can I Support Through Clima?

Clima connects you with a variety of carbon offset projects that focus on different environmental conservation initiatives. From reforestation to renewable energy projects, we offer opportunities to support initiatives that align with your sustainability goals. Explore our platform to find and invest in carbon offset projects that make a positive impact on the environment. Learn more about our offset offering..

Should I only support carbon offset projects domestically in Australia, or can I also support projects in other countries?

Supporting carbon offset projects in Australia helps the environment locally, but you can also support projects in other countries. Many Australian companies opt to invest in international projects that offer significant environmental and social benefits. It's all about finding the right balance and ensuring that your investments are contributing to meaningful, positive change globally.

What is the difference between carbon removal and carbon avoidance projects in the context of carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting removes carbon dioxide from the air, while carbon avoidance prevents the release of new carbon emissions. Both project types are important for achieving carbon neutrality and are essential for the best carbon offset programs in Australia.

Can Clima assist me in developing my own carbon offset project in Australia?

Absolutely, Clima is here to assist you in developing your own carbon offset project in Australia. We help businesses develop and use carbon offset strategies to make their projects successful.

Does Clima perform in-house due diligence on carbon offset companies and projects?

Yes, at Clima, we perform in-house due diligence on all carbon offset companies and projects we collaborate with. Our experts assess projects to ensure they are credible, effective, and aligned with our commitment to promoting sustainable practices in Australia.

How Does Clima Help Businesses Calculate Their Carbon Footprint?

Clima provides powerful calculators to help you calculate your carbon footprint with precision.Our tools analyze energy use, travel patterns, and waste generation to provide a complete picture of your business' s environmental impact.Discover more on our "Measure" page.

What Approach Does Clima Use to Measure Carbon Footprint?

At Clima, we adhere to the GHG Protocol and use an operational approach to measure carbon footprint. We help you define boundaries based on emissions you can control and some scope 3 emissions from suppliers. Our services include a comprehensive analysis, including scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, preparing your business to be climate-active ready.

Is using the Clima carbon emission calculator labour intensive?

Not at all.Using our carbon emission calculator is a straightforward process.Our platform simplifies the process of calculating businesses' carbon footprint, making it easy and hassle-free. You simply need to input the necessary data, and the calculator will do the rest, saving you time and effort.

How do you drive engagement?

At Clima, driving engagement is at the core of our mission. We have tools like website widgets and APIs to help your business engage customers, teams, and stakeholders in fighting climate change.

With our tools, your customers can vote for climate projects to offset your business's impact. By involving your audience in important decisions, you strengthen the relationship between your business and them. This also fosters a sense of shared responsibility for the environment.

How do I get my customers involved?

Getting your customers involved is now more seamless than ever with Clima's comprehensive engagement solutions. Not only can you integrate our website tools into your platforms, but you can also take advantage of our ecommerce and API integrations, making it easier for customers to participate in your climate initiatives directly from various digital touchpoints.

Encourage your customers to vote for their favourite climate projects through your online store or application, fostering a deeper connection and commitment to your brand's sustainability efforts. Additionally, keep them informed about your ongoing initiatives and invite them to join in and contribute towards a healthier environment.

How do I get my business involved?

Absolutely, here is your updated content:

Getting your team involved in your sustainability initiatives is crucial. At Clima, we offer not only standard engagement tools but also provide integration options for intranets, making it even more convenient for your team to participate seamlessly within their familiar work environment.

Encourage team members to vote and actively participate through the intranet, where they can see firsthand how their choices can make a positive impact on the environment.

Why should I encourage engagement?

Encouraging engagement is a win-win for your business and the environment. By involving your customers, team, and stakeholders, you demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. This not only enhances your brand reputation but also fosters a sense of shared responsibility for mitigating climate change.

When stakeholders actively involve themselves, they are more likely to support your plans. Engaged customers can become loyal advocates for your brand, leading to growth and sustainability.

How do I integrate the Clima engagement tools?

Integrating Clima's engagement tools is a straightforward and flexible process. Our team assists you in effortlessly incorporating our widgets and APIs into your website, online platforms, and even ecommerce platforms, facilitating a broader reach and more dynamic engagement with your audience.

Through our platform, you can access comprehensive integration documentation that guides you meticulously through each step of the integration process. Our dedicated team is on hand to provide both guidance and technical support, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. This enables you to quickly launch and immerse your audience in climate projects and sustainability initiatives with ease.

What if my website does not support the Clima engagement tools?

If your website doesn' t support Clima' s engagement tools, don' t worry.Our technical experts can work closely with your IT team to find suitable solutions for integration.We are dedicated to making engagement accessible to businesses of all sizes and technical capabilities.Contact us for help with climate projects and we'll find different ways to make sure you can engage effectively.