Clima is 100% carbon neutral as certified by the Australian Government’s Climate Active initiative.

Our sustainability has three key components:

  • Carbon emission assessment
  • Emission reduction commitment
  • Purchase and retirement of carbon offsets to become 100% carbon neutral

Clima has completed all three components as part of our 100% carbon neutral certification.

We constantly review our business practices to ensure ongoing sustainability and to maintain our 100% carbon neutral status.

Importantly, Clima publicly shares these details.


We encourage all companies to validate their sustainability claims with publicly accessible documentation.

Access to this information is a principle we highly value. As a result, we have made available our Climate Active certification and the certificates for our retired carbon offsets.

Clima is 100% owned by BetaCarbon. While official documentation on this page refers to BetaCarbon, it applies to all of BetaCarbon's operations, including Clima.