Current Breakdown of the Clima Carbon Index (CCI)

Understanding the Chart: This chart presents the latest snapshot of Australia’s Clima Carbon Index (CCI), breaking down the carbon footprint by different consumer spending categories. Updated quarterly, it reflects the environmental impact of the average Australian household’s consumption.

Key Insights:

  • Categories: The chart categorizes consumer spending into sectors like transportation, food, clothing, etc., showing the carbon emissions linked to each.
  • Current Data: The ‘as at’ date indicates when the data was last updated, ensuring you are looking at the most recent information.
  • Emission Values: Each category’s carbon footprint is shown in kilograms of CO2 emissions per $100 spent.

Using the Chart:

  • For Individuals: Understand which areas of your spending contribute most to your carbon footprint.
  • For Businesses: Identify high-impact areas in consumer spending to strategize sustainable practices and product offerings.

Note: The CCI is calculated using data from reliable sources, including the Australian Bureau of Statistics, and is a valuable tool for tracking and improving environmental impact related to consumer behavior.

Quarterly chart

“Explore the Trends: Dive into our quarterly chart below to see how the carbon footprint of Australian households has evolved over time. This chart tracks the changes in the CCI each quarter, offering a clear view of the shifting patterns in consumer behavior and environmental impact.”

By Clima