Vanuatu Community Climate Resilience


Coastal Vegetation
Improved Local Livelihood
Water Quality Protection

Project overview

An analysis of countries affected by the impacts of climate-related events - such as tropical cyclones and floods - ranked Vanuatu as the 8th most vulnerable country in the world. This project, in partnership with the Save The Children Fund, will support highly vulnerable rural communities across Vanuatu and increase their resilience to climate change by implementing targeted adaptation actions. This will enable rural populations to adjust to changing climate trends and reduce their disaster risks.

The project provides a range of actions to support households and communities to address key drivers of climate change vulnerability, minimise exposure and sensitivity and build resilience to unavoidable climate change impacts. Specifically, these include building food security through resource management, mangrove restoration, women-led climate-resilient food processing and preservation businesses, and increasing community access to early warning systems.



11,600Hectares protected
12 yearsProject life

Sustainability Goals

With Clima, your money goes towards supporting projects that are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Below are the goals recognised by the Vanuatu Community Climate Resilience Project.


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