Pike Creek Biodiversity and Carbon Project


Ecosystem Enhancement
Erosion Control

Project overview

In south west Queensland, a disused and neglected property is being transformed through reforestation. This is re-establishing the natural habitat, removing greenhouse gases, and delivering valuable outcomes for the local environment and communities. These benefits include Indigenous land use, improved water quality, erosion control and enhancements to local waterways.

The reforestation provides migratory bird habitat, and support for the food chain, which can benefit native biodiversity. Importantly it can reduce forest fragmentation, which is the separation of forested areas into smaller, isolated patches.

Certification is in the final stages and expected to complete in early 2023



95,000Tons of CO2 removal
1,600Hectares of land
2022-2046Project life

Sustainability Goals

With Clima, your money goes towards supporting projects that are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Below are the goals recognised by the Pike Creek Biodiversity and Carbon Project .


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