Oriners & Sefton (Kowanyama) Savanna Burning


Cool Burning
Traditional Land Management

Project overview

Greenhouse gases emitted from savanna fires average 3% of Australia’s emissions. By collaborating, Traditional Owners and Aboriginal rangers implement controlled, cooler fires in the early dry season, reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared to the intense, uncontrolled fires that arise later when the land is dry.

When savanna grasslands are burned in a controlled manner, it can stimulate the growth of new grasses and other vegetation, which in turn provides food and habitat for a wide range of local species. Cool burning can also help to control the spread of invasive species, reduces the risk of wildfire, and improves the overall health and resilience of the ecosystem.



210,119Tons of CO2 removal
306,091Hectares of land

Sustainability Goals

With Clima, your money goes towards supporting projects that are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Below are the goals recognised by the Oriners & Sefton (Kowanyama) Savanna Burning Project.


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