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Understanding carbon offsets

What is a carbon offset?

A carbon offset is a way to compensate for your carbon emissions by funding climate projects that reduce or remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

How does carbon offsetting work?

When you purchase an offset, it's effective for a specific time frame. A carbon credit is then used on behalf of your company, reducing your carbon footprint.

Why should I offset my carbon?

You might offset your carbon emissions to reduce your environmental impact, support climate-friendly projects, or show your commitment to climate action.

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Tailored offset portfolio

We offer a broad range of project methodologies, from avoidance to removal. Whether you have a set budget or specific objectives in mind, our experienced team is ready to design a customised offset package for you.

We create portfolios that resonate with your brand's ethos and objectives, ensuring every dollar committed not only offsets carbon but also aligns with your values.

Key MethodologyAvoidance CreditsRemoval Credits
Tech Based
Landfill Gas
Cook Stoves
GHG Capture
Direct Air Capture
GHG Capture
Nature Based
Avoided Deforestation (REDD)
Seaweed Feed Additives Future Focus
Savannah Burning
Improved Forest Management
Blue Carbon
Soil Carbon

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Global reach

Even though our roots are in the Asia Pacific, our vision is global. We source offsets from projects worldwide, ensuring you get the diversity and quality you're looking for.

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Clima is transparent about our carbon offset process and are committed to providing our partners with high-quality offsets that have a proven track record of success

Selection Criteria

We work with certified and accredited carbon offset organisations and conduct due diligence on all projects to ensure that they adhere to the best practice environmental and social standards.


We continuously track our projects to ensure they are achieving their emissions reduction targets and making a positive impact on the environment.


Our carbon credit portfolio includes projects regulated by the Clean Energy Regulator in Australia, as well as credits that meet recognized standards like the Gold Standard and Verra’s VCS.

Clima’s project selection criteria

To make sure the project achieves its climate goals, has a real and lasting impact, and benefits both the environment and communities, Clima considers the following criteria:


Real additional environmental impact

Verification & Validation:

Independently checked for authenticity

Project Age:

Started recently to better manage risks and boost carbon savings


Projects that bring wider benefits to society


No lock-ins

The offset service can be used independently of Clima's Measure and Engage services and is perfectly suited for those that have already calculated their footprint or want to get on the journey while they calculate their footprint. Get in touch to discuss your climate goals.

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