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How we help you measure


Define Boundaries

Specify what emissions sources are included in the assessment.



Calculate your carbon footprint to quantify your environmental impact.


Plan & Offset

Create a plan to cut emissions and offset your carbon footprint.


Define boundaries

Collaborate with Clima to establish measurement boundaries. Emission boundaries outline the areas where a company has direct control or a strong influence over emissions. Boundaries usually include:

  • Office Operations: Energy Usage, Remote Work
  • Travel & Accommodation: Business Travel. Daily employee travel
  • Waste Management: Paper Consumption, General Office Waste
  • Suppliers and Partnerships: Carbon implications of business collaborations


From data input to footprint assessment, understand your carbon impact:

  • Gather & Analyze Data: Input details manually or upload accounting files (e.g. Xero) for an inclusive overview
  • Supplier Insights: Delve into the emissions associated with your supply chain and products
  • GHG Protocol: Harness the trusted standard for carbon accounting
  • Emissions factors: Provided by verified 3rd party data sources

Plan and offset

Use smart strategies to reduce your carbon footprint.

Climate Reduction Plan
  • Craft plans to reduce emissions, aligning with your business goals and sustainability objectives

Offset Strategy
  • Together, we define the best strategies to offset any remaining emissions, ensuring a holistic approach to your carbon responsibility

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