The customer experience

Customer interaction with Clima is designed to be simple, quick and rewarding. With just one click, show your brand's commitment to climate change.

How it works


Step 1

Create a meaningful choice

Upon completing their online purchase, customers have the opportunity to select one of three projects to support. This choice is entirely voluntary and comes at no additional cost to them.


Step 2

Empower your customers

After choosing an option, customers see a simple confirmation message that powerfully links their purchase from your site to their personal reward for taking action on climate change.

It also works in-store

Clima provides simple solutions that make it easy for in-store customers to offset their purchases.


Digital touch-points

Engage customers and employees in the voting process through digital interactions, empowering them to create a positive impact.


Counter Talkers

Elevate brand engagement through exciting competitions and giveaways while also enhancing awareness of the projects your business supports using the effective tool of counter talkers.



Spread the word about your partnership with Clima and proudly display your commitment to the planet with a window sticker, letting the world know that you're doing your part for the environment.


Chat to an expert

Our climate experts are here to help! Schedule a call with us to find out how Clima can kick-start your climate journey.

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